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Mentoring:​Participating in group mentoring is a great way to not only gain information, but also provide information to those less seasoned in a particular subject matter.  This is not a “networking” session, however, it is a great way to connect to business professionals on all levels and gain perspectives that could impact your business.  Ways to benefit from group mentoring:  

- Allows professionals to gain insight from perspective peers  

- Provides a platform for business development and goal setting 

- Generates a sense of confidence for the business owner to have others validate their business idea or process 

- Is an avenue to increase the professional network through resource sharing and application 

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We know how important it is to be a successful business owner.  We understand the value in strategic planning and work with our clients to provide them with the tools needed to achieve their visioned level of success.  We have developed a focused, educational based process that will assist any business owner, at any stage of their business.  We provide our clients with valuable resources to increase business growth, generate revenue, and build strong relationships.  It is our goal to become the "go to" source for our clients when they reach a pivotal point in their business planning.

Execution: Everything starts with a plan.  Jumping into a business without an understanding of where it is heading is a good way to reach negative results.   Writing a business plan is an effective way to map out the details of a business and provides a road map for where the business is going, and also where it made a wrong turn.  Although a traditional business plan is used to attract funding, it also provides a sense of clarity for the business owner and defines the elements of the business.  A business plan helps to identify what a business is, and what it is not.  Without it, many businesses tend to fail.  At djd. InDepth Consulting Services, we work with our clients on creating a sound business plan for their business.  NO, we DO NOT WRITE THE PLANS FOR OUR CLIENTS, however, we do work hand and hand with them to ensure they are on the right track.  Writing a business plan can be overwhelming, that is why we have developed various tools to make the process effective, yet less cumbersome.     Learn More......  

Training: Continued knowledge in business is essential to sustain growth and development.  It is important to stay up to date on the trends and topics that impact the business world today.  At djd. InDepth Consulting Services, we have developed curriculum and partnered with organizations to provide our clients with an assortment of classes, seminars, workshops, and conferences that are designed to educate our clients on ways to stay efficient in their business processes.  It is our goal to provide tangible applications that can be replicated within their day-to-day use.  These sessions are designed to edify the novice, as well as the expert. Our trainings include (but are not limited to):
- Business Plan Development
- Effective Marketing
- Strategic Planning
- Business Automation and Customer Retention Strategies
- Cash Flow Projections and Revenue Generation
- Much More        
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Consulting: Business consulting is a core way of assisting business owners in the realm of performance, goal setting, and idea generation.  We see this process as a means to work with our clients on a personal level to ensure their individual needs are met.  We provide a complimentary consulting session to assist business owners with realizing their business need, and offer a plan of execution to capitalize on it.  We hold all of our clients to a high standard, and provide dedicated assistance every step of the way.  It is our job to go beyond the surface level of the business, and pull our clients level of thinking to the next level.  We provide thought provoking tools, activities and scenarios that not only aid in growing the business, but also help in crafting the "business plan".  We assess the business or the business idea and provide relevant feedback on areas of opportunity or points of clarity and work with our clients in an one-on-one setting, providing the highest level of confidentiality and professional expertise.  Learn More......  

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Providing business leaders with the tools needed to succeed from start to finish!

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Development: Growing a business is no stroll in the park.  Knowing and understanding the tool needed for a particular business can be tricky and sometimes overwhelming.  Djd. InDepth Consulting Services understands this process, and work with our clients to assist them with determining the best development strategies to fit their needs.  Our clients participate in a rigorous mind-mapping process that allows them to capitalize on key strengths and develop core strategies for areas of opportunities within their business.  Many of the business development tools today are focused on social media and branding, however, at djd. InDepth Consulting Services, we look at all aspects of the business and incorporate various strategies, even those outside of social media.  We provide our clients with a 360 degree view of their business or concept, and assist them in aligning their business goals with tangible results. 

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Revenue Generation: Understanding the business financials is one of the key aspects of running a business.  As it has been said time and time again, if the business is not generating revenue, it is merely an expensive hobby.  At. Djd. InDepth Consulting Services, we understand the importance of generating cash for a business, and we want our clients to understand this as well.  This is why, we work exponentially with them to ensure they are familiar with the way money flows in and out of their business.  We work with our clients on many levels to pinpoint various streams of income and the most efficient way to incorporate it into their business.  We have developed tools to educate our clients on pricing models, financial statements, and cash flow statements that are essential for business growth.  We assist them with formulating projections, establishing strategic partnerships, and identifying their key sources of income through relevant and practical evaluation.  We encourage our clients to think creatively with regards to generating revenue for their business, and establish a plan of execution to maintain business success.  Learn More......  

Strategic Marketing: Next to generating revenue for your business, having an effective marketing strategy is one of the key aspects of running a business.  As a busy Entrepreneur, the focus tends to be on ways to generate revenue quickly rather than effectively.  We have all heard the saying….Work smarter, not harder, right?  Well at djd. InDepth Consulting Services, we believe that strategizing is essential, as time wasted is money lost.  We work with our clients on identifying their target audience and developing a plan to service their area of need.  Many of our applications involve lots of research and demographic feedback.  We work with our clients to establish the best methods of communication and understanding to enlighten their customers on the value of their product and/or services.  Through this process, we perform several studies, analysis, and focused surveying of their target market, and implement strategies to produce revenue.  We recognize the barriers that Entrepreneurs face with running a business that is why we encourage our clients to develop an initial road map of where they are, and where they would like to be, and integrate tangible goals and action steps to get them to the next level of success.    Learn More......